Children who are still waiting for sponsors depend on the work of child advocates, who share with others about the opportunity to change a child’s life through NCM child sponsorship. To share profiles of children who are waiting for sponsors at your church or event, you can order a free advocacy kit. If you have questions, call 800-310-6362.

There are many other ways you can also advocate for children in need around the world:


  • Pray for children at risk around the world.

  • Organize a prayer event in your home or church.


  • Tell others about the child you sponsor. Share about your sponsored child’s life, country, and culture.

  • Speak about the church’s role in serving children at risk with your family, friends, and congregation.

  • Promote NCM child sponsorship at your church or church event. You can order an advocacy kit with profiles of children still waiting for sponsors and other resources for free here.


  • Sign up for a FREE subscription to NCM Magazine to learn how churches around the world are serving children at

  • Explore the NCM website to learn how you can be involved with community ministries in many world areas at

  • Follow us on social media to stay connected with what’s happening around the world @nazcompassion.


  • Sponsor a child and provide him or her with the opportunity for education, social and physical development, and spiritual growth.

  • Live compassionately in your neighborhood! Get involved in ministries of compassion through your church.

You can make the difference in the life of a child by becoming an advocate today!

Order your FREE customizable advocacy kit now.