Refugee Crisis: The Nazarene Church Responds


Since the war in Syria began, more than 4 million people have fled their country. Most went to neighboring countries, including Jordan and Lebanon, where they have been living in poverty in tents or inadequate shelters. Now, hundreds of thousands are making their way toward Europe and abroad. They are all seeking safety and dignity for their children and families. Each person affected by this crisis has a unique story to tell. This is Sabha's story.

My name is Sabha. I have four daughters and one son. I was in Syria, but with all the fear and the bombings, we surrendered. My children could not sleep at night because of the continuous shooting. They couldn’t sleep because of the sounds. Both children and adults were terrified. Hungry, thirsty and afraid, we couldn’t handle it and so we have escaped to Jordan. I am in need of money for the children, for their school. I haven’t even bought them clothes. Then, there is the rent, electricity, and water to pay. It can be hard to afford rent, water, and electricity bills when you don't have a job. We do not have much, but we are doing okay. At least we feel safe, and we can sleep with ease now.

The church has been very good to us. The church makes us feel peaceful. They’re good with the kids. They give them lessons. They are very happy whenever they go there. I want my kids to do well in school. I wish for my kids to remain safe. I wish for us to stay well and healthy. I thank God for everything. I left Syria by force. I didn’t want my children to live this fear. We were defeated by our fear. Our children are the most important thing to us. We didn’t want to leave, but it was too much pressure. I hope things will be fine, and everyone can go back to their country. A homeland is something very special.

Pastor Zaki, the coordinator for NCM ministry in Jordan is passionate about sharing Christ's love with those affected by the refugee crisis like Sabha and her family. When asked why the church should lead the relief effort, he responded:

"Actually, as a church it’s our responsibility to help these people, especially for mercy ministries. We cannot be silent as a church, when we see people come from their countries with nothing, literally with nothing, only their clothes. We have to do something, as a church, to share with them what we have, pray with them, and share with them also, the love of our God. As a church, here in Jordan, we want to encourage every church, all over the world, to open their hearts and to open the doors of their churches for the refugee people. They need to know more about the love, the real love from the lord, and you can lead them, you can show them this kind of love."

Please continue to pray for Nazarenes all around the world as they seek ways to meet needs and offer a glimpse of God's love amidst this crisis. You can find out more about how the church is responding to the refugee crisis and how you can get involved by visiting