In Their Own Words: Life as a Sponsored Child


Meet Joseph and Kiruthiga. Both grew up in South Asia and attended Nazarene child development centers during their childhood. They recently shared with us the difference child sponsorship and center attendance made in their lives. Below are their testimonies, in their own words.


I am happy to write about myself related to my child development center. I am from a poor family, and without sponsorship, I wouldn’t have been able to attend school. I learned a lot from this school, especially about spiritual life. It gave me hope for my future and showed me how God loves and cares for me. This center also brings development to our community. I now have completed my bachelor degree in political science. I would like to express that it was all because of sponsorship in my child development center. For this, I praise the Almighty God and express my heartiest gratitude.

Joseph at his CDC campus

Joseph at his CDC campus



My name is Kiruthiga. I finished my schooling and have graduated from college. My family was very poor. My father was an alcoholic and my mother would work as a servant in several homes in order to feed us.

When I was in 8th[grade], I started attending every Sunday service at church. During those days, the child development center was started and I studied there until my 10th[grade]. The center was a great help in my education. Through the center and church programs, I learned about Jesus and his teachings.

One Sunday the pastor of the church preached "Jesus lived, Jesus died and Jesus is resurrected." That concluded my quest for God and I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. The way God has led me is beyond imagination. He has never let me down in any situation. The hope in Christ that I have is greater than worldly riches. Jesus has taught me what matters in life.

Now after graduation, I am working with an IT Company. But a group of friends and I reach out to schools with the good news.  Once a week I conduct a Value Education class in one of the local schools. It is a group of 30 students. I share the joy, happiness, and assurance of eternal life that I received from Jesus.




Child sponsorship through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is making a difference around the world in the lives of kids just like Joseph and Kiruthiga. This partnership between local churches, families, and international sponsors allows children to grow up knowing they are loved, valued, and supported.

Interested in getting more involved? June 10, 2018 is Child Sponsorship Sunday, a day when we ask churches to share stories like these and invite new sponsors to join this vital ministry. If you're interested in hosting this event at your church, here's how:

Set aside June 10 as Child SponsorshipSundayin your local church. Obviously, any weekend can work, so get creative! Whatever date you choose, let’s start this season with a focus on children.

Visit resources, videos, bulletin inserts, and brochures—all designed to educate and encourage your congregation.

We have a vision to see 20,000 children matched with sponsors by the end of 2020. Through your participation in Child Sponsorship Sunday, we believe this dream will become a reality. Thank you for being Christ's hands and feet and advocating for sponsorship so more children can one day testify to the power of God's love.