8 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking


Today 27 million people are trapped in slavery. It’s an overwhelming number that can often leave us feeling like there’s not much we can do to stop it. Yet, there is hope!

Together, we can make a difference.

We’ve compiled this list of eight ways you can tangibly join the fight to end slavery.

  1. Organize a film screening, book club, or Bible study to raise awareness about the issue of modern slavery. Resources: DocumentariesBooks
  2. Volunteer with anti-trafficking organizations in your area or provide care packages for victims in your area. Search for organizations at
  3. Attend an anti-trafficking conference or meeting in your area.
  4. Report suspected trafficking incidents: sharedhope.org
    National Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888
  5. Give. Support one of NCM’s programs that works with children and families in communities at risk for human trafficking, or give to NCM’s Anti-Human Trafficking Fund.
  6. Buy fair trade products. The majority of human trafficking is labor trafficking. Buy products from fair trade certified. Learn more at fairtradeusa.orgslaveryfootprint.org and Better World Shopper.
  7. Combat demand. Start a group that is committed to not purchasing or participating in pornography, prostitution, or any part of the commercial sex industry. Learn more at the Defenders USA and theX3Network.
  8. Advocate to enforce zoning laws and close strip clubs and massage parlors—fronts for prostitution and trafficking in your community.

What are other ways that you are standing against human trafficking?

Let us know!  Tweet with the hashtag #LiveCompassion or post in the comments below.