A Chance to Dream Again: Sami’s Story


The upcoming issue of NCM Magazine (summer 2017) has a special focus on the refugee crisis. In our series “Seeking Refuge,” you’ll find stories of children, youth, and families who have had to flee their homes because of war, violence, and persecution. This story is just one of them. To read more stories like this, visit ncm.org/magazine.

“Three years ago, my life changed forever,” says Sami*, age 11. That’s when Sami, his parents, and his four brothers left their home in Aleppo, Syria. His parents worried about the constant bombing and feared for the lives of their sons, so they fled to Jordan.

Even though Sami’s father had family in Jordan, they struggled to cross the border. For several days, they waited in a camp. Once, they were forced to leave the border temporarily because the fighting drew too close to the area. Finally, his father was able to make contact with family members, and Sami and his family crossed into their new home.

But Sami’s life had started to come undone before they even left Syria. His friends were leaving daily, and he was lonely. He couldn’t attend school regularly because of the war.

“When something as simple as stability is absent in your life, it can have negative affects elsewhere,” he says. But in Jordan, Sami started attending a Nazarene school every day. The friends he made stayed in school, too. He has found stability, and now he dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

“Learning and gaining progress in my studies has made me hopeful for my future,” he says. “Based on how my life has been up until this point, I am so incredibly grateful for this chance to dream again.”

Like Sami, there are so many children whose lives are being changed through the hope and educational opportunities provided from Nazarene schools in Lebanon and Jordan. To learn more about the work Nazarenes around the world are doing to minister to those living as refugees, check out ncm.org/refugees.

*Children’s names are changed for their protection.