Beautifully Resilient: Signs of Life After the Nepal Earthquakes

It’s not hard to find photos that show the utter devastation that two major earthquakes have caused in Nepal. When looking at these images, it would be easy to think of people there simply as victims, but far from being victims, the people of Nepal are beautifully resilient. They are working hard to return to a sense of normalcy, and they're beginning to plan for the future.The Nazarene disaster response team has approached emergency relief from a participatory community development model. First, the team does assessments. They enter communities to interview residents and involve them in plans for distribution. Next, they return with aid supplies and work through community committees to distribute them. There’s dignity in this approach. The model recognizes the resiliency of people affected by the earthquake, and it recognizes the healing that happens when people become a part of the solutions to their own problems.

Photos taken by Gina Pottenger

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