Being the Church for Refugees - How Can You Make a Difference?


When my friend Jon Morton and I went to Croatia and Serbia, we went there with the specific intent of using stories and images to put a human face on the refugee crisis and encourage people to engage. We hope that the blog posts and the photos shared on Instagram will do that. We hope you have been able to see the refugee crisis in a new light and to consider the role we as the church have to play in caring for people in our world who have been displaced by violence, persecution, hate, and misery. I would also like to, as meekly as possible, encourage you to keep going. There are many, many ways that each of us can help, even with a problem that seems so large. Here are some of them:


We are the church. And the church is powerless without its Creator. Please be in prayer for those who are suffering, whether they’re still in a country at war or whether they’ve been able to leave but are still on a difficult refugee journey. And please pray for those from the Nazarene church and elsewhere who are serving refugees around the world. You can even send a prayer or note of encouragement to those serving through Nazarene churches.


Our church is incredibly active serving refugees around the world. Particularly with the Syrian refugee crisis, we as the church are serving people who fled war and persecution in close to a dozen countries. The tents we supply, shoes we hand out, education we provide, infant formula and food packets we give out — they all cost money. Please consider giving to support the church’s refugee response efforts.


Pray with your feet. Give with your time. You can volunteer to serve refugees stuck in transit routes through a Nazarene response team. You can serve in educational programs. You can leave your home, go to your local refugee resettlement agency, and volunteer to host a family for a meal. Or you can organize a group to meet them at the airport or train station the first time they set foot in your country. Walk to your neighbor’s house or Sunday School class and have a hope-filled conversation about the refugee crisis and what you can do to engage. The possibilities are many.

Please don't watch this video and not let it move you to action.

Together, we are the church. Together, we can make a difference.


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To see more stories from the refugee transit camps, visit our Instagram.


This video was created by Jon Morton.

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