Biking Across America for Nepal – Part 2


Clark Ludahl is biking across America, and he’s doing it to help bring attention to the continued need in Nepal following the earthquake and to raise money for ongoing support of the ongoing relief and recovery efforts there. His journey—which will clock in at just under two months—is in the understanding that the road to recovery in Nepal is also a long one. 

“I am inspired to ride,” he says, "knowing that as I press hard against those pedals and climb those steep hills, it will be worth it in the end as the people of Nepal receive help in the name of Jesus.” 

Clark will be keeping everyone in the loop through posts on the NCM blog. Read on for an account of days 3 through 16 of his journey. 

DAYS 3-16

On Day 3 of the journey I rode over 50 miles to Mount Hood Village RV Resort and Campgrounds near Welches, Oregon, where my wife met me.  The photo shows her helping to get our campsite set up.  She got to experience some of what I will experience during my travels by sleeping in the tent for a night.

The next day, I biked to the Inn At Keys Crossing in Madras, Oregon, about 76 miles. My wife followed me in her car and acted as my support vehicle for the trip. I was truly thankful for her support throughout the day as the temperature rose up into the 90s, and my route took me over mountainous terrain with some long and steep climbs.  She kept me supplied with plenty of water and encouragement to keep pressing forward! One of the long and steep climbs I encountered as I pedaled my way up to Mount Hood.

Day 5 took me from Madras to Ochoco Lake State Park. Someone left a nice stack of firewood that made for a cozy campfire that night at my campsite overlooking beautiful Ochoco Lake. On Day 6, I biked from Ochoco Lake to Clyde Holliday State Park.  I was joined there by my sister and her husband. They set their tent up next to mine for the night so I could have some company. On Day 7, I took a route from Clyde Holiday State Park  to Unity Lake State Park. It involved lots of hill climbing today over mountain passes such as Dixie Pass and Blue Mountains Pass.  But I was rewarded when I got to stay the night at this cute little cabin shown in the photo on Unity Lake.

On Day 8, I set a personal record for most miles biked in a day—118 miles from Unity Lake State Park, Oregon, to my sister's home in Caldwell, Idaho. There I got to rest for a couple of days and even attend a concert event at Canyon Hill Church of the Nazarene in Caldwell, Idaho. Then the journey continued. 

On Day 11, I pedaled my way in the direction of Bruneau Dunes State Park outside of Mountain Home, Idaho. I was using Google Maps for bicycles to navigate the way there. Everything was going fine until about halfway into the trip when I realized that the app was directing me down a dirt road with deep ruts. I ventured onto the road hoping that after a short distance it would connect with a paved road. Fortunately it did after about a mile, but when I came off the dirt road onto pavement, I found myself in the middle of an Ironman race course!  The photo below shows a group of race volunteers getting ready for the racers to come by.  They gave me some quizzical looks and smiles as I ambled by on my bike pulling a trailer. Later in the day the app led me down some more dirt and gravel roads, until it got so bad in terms of lost time and extra miles, that I had to scrap my plans of camping at Bruneau Dunes State Park.  Instead, I diverted  to Mountain Home and got a room at a motel.  

On Day 12, as I rolled the bike and trailer over to the motel office this morning to check out, a woman asked me how far am I riding.  I told her that I am riding all the way across the USA from coast to coast.  She was with a large group of her family members, and they were all very interested in what I am doing. This gave me an opportunity to share with them that I am making the journey to raise money for the Nepal earthquake response efforts.  Every day I am getting opportunities to share with people about the journey and about Christ’s love, which is exciting! I also  experienced my first flat tire today. The left tire on the trailer went flat.  I replaced the tube along the roadside and was soon on my way again.

Day 13 took me from Hagerman to Declo, Idaho. Day 14 took me to Pocatello, Idaho. That day, I spent some time at Walcott Lake State Park. It was beautiful—until I realized I’d have to back track quite a few miles around the lake to get onto good roads to reach Pocatello. I ended up biking 116 miles this day! On Day 15, I had to bike only about 50 miles to get to Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

On Day 16, I biked 98 miles from Idaho Falls to a campground about 12 miles south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a good day, and I met many people and was able to share about the reason for my journey. 

You can learn more or support Clark’s ride here: To learn more about the church’s work in Nepal: