Biking Across America for Nepal – Part 6


Clark Ludahl has finished a bike ride across America, from Oregon to New Hampshire! He did it to bring attention to the continued needs in Nepal following the earthquake and to raise money for support of the ongoing relief and recovery efforts there. His journey—which clocked in at just under two months—was in the understanding that the road to recovery in Nepal will also be a long one. These are Clark’s reflections on his journey:

“Making this journey by bicycle made it possible for me to realize a few goals and aspirations that I have had for a long time. I realized my boyhood dream of riding a bicycle the entire width of America. … But most satisfying of all has been knowing that my ride across America was drawing attention to the great need in Nepal caused by the earthquake. As a result, many of my friends, neighbors, relatives, people I go to church with, people I have worked with, and people I met along the journey have responded by making a financial donation to relieve the suffering of people in Nepal.

“I never grew tired of meeting new people during my journey who would see the license plate on the back of my trailer, and ask questions like, Are you really from Washington State? How far are you biking? How long have you been on the road?  But most of all I would light up when many of them would ask, ‘Are you doing it for a cause?’  And I would smile and say, ‘Yes, I am doing it to bring attention to the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.’

“My bike journey may have ended, but my conversations and talks with individuals and groups about all the wonderful things I experienced will continue. My heart will still be blessed, and my face will still light up when they ask, ‘Did you do it for a cause?’”

Clark has been keeping everyone in the loop through posts on the NCM blog. Read on for an account of the final days of his journey. 

Photo 1
Photo 1

On Day 50, I biked 96 miles from Rochester, New York, to Liverpool, New York. Along the way I saw a cross on a hillside and was reminded of Jesus' love and sacrifice—both for everyone along my path from Oregon to New Hampshire and for everyone in Nepal who was affected by the earthquake.

Day 51 brought perfect weather, favorable winds, and smooth roads for an ideal bike ride. Even though I was delayed by a flat tire, I still made it to Little Falls, New York, in good time. 

I biked 67 miles to Latham, New York, on Day 52. On a lunch break in Amsterdam, New York, I met Levi from Tacoma, Washington, and his dog, Vincent. Levi is walking and hitchhiking across America. Meeting people like Levi has been one of the highlights of my journey across America.

On Day 53, I biked 79 miles to Brattleboro, Vermont. I crossed over the Hudson River as I made my way toward the Vermont State Line. My wife, Kayla, has been following me as support.


I biked 72.5 miles to Manchester, New Hampshire on Day 54. It has been fun to bike through the New England states with their charming towns and the many historic sites.  As we were passing through the town of New Boston, New Hampshire, Kayla and stopped in front of an old church. A gentleman asked us if we would like a tour of the church. We accepted his invitation, and Kayla got to ring the church bell. It turned out to be one of the famous Paul Revere bells.

Today was Day 55 and the final day of my journey. What a great feeling it was to reach the Atlantic Ocean at Wallis Sands State Park outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after covering 49.5 miles on my bike. Kayla and I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for His presence, provision, and protection every mile along the way of the journey. I dipped my bike tires in the Atlantic Ocean, and I also poured out a bottle of Pacific Ocean water that I carried with me across America.  

I want to thank everyone who prayed for us and to send a big thanks to everyone who has supported the Nepal earthquake relief efforts.


You can support Clark’s efforts for Nepal, and you can read more of Clark’s journey here:Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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