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Do Not Be Afraid: The Church in a Time of Mass Shootings

For Christians, we take time to discern what God longs to do in such brokenness. If the gospel is good news, then it must be good news for real-world challenges. We understand that our life together, as the body of Christ in this world, acts as a witness of love to the politics of the state. But in many cases, our witness of love becomes muddled by stories that are not true, and we may find ourselves driven more by fear and the pursuit of security than by faithfully living the promise of resurrection.

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Family, Not Refugees

In 2016, the Church of the Nazarene in Armenia started “Hand in Hand,” a ministry supporting Syrian families who fled their country in search of safety. The project includes two VBS programs, and more than 25 families have received further aid through a warm winter project, medication, medical aid, rent support, academic support, skills development, and help with daily urgent needs.

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Active Compassion

William had left Venezuela with his wife and daughter, who was pregnant at the time, and they knew their money was not going to last. By selling some of their items, they had had just enough for the multi-day bus fare and food for the journey. They knew they would have a difficult time when they arrived, but even that seemed like a better option than staying; their daughter needed antibiotics, and there weren’t any available. Through the Church of the Nazarene, the family was able to stay in a small shelter. 

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