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Across the Table: Ministry to Refugees

Each year, the Grand Rapids International Fellowship (GRIF) Church of the Nazarene in Grand Rapids, Michigan hosts an international potluck. This year, the church’s gym was filled to capacity with people from all over the world sharing singing, dancing, and food. The tables were crammed with both church members and refugees, those who have found this taste of heaven through one ministry: Community Link.  

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Open Heart, Open Home: An Adoption Story

Thy will be done. Four simple words. When God called us to grow our family through adoption, I was nervous but not afraid. When my husband excitedly told me that he found “our children” listed on the Open Hearts and Homes orphan hosting program web page, I was excited. When I shook the mouse for our computer and up popped up a picture of a Latvian sibling group of FOUR, I panicked. 

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