Leena’s Story: Overcoming Obstacles, Dreaming New Dreams


Like other teenage girls, when Leena* hears music, she wants to dance. Unlike other teenage girls, though, she was born with a physical disability that makes it hard for her to walk, let alone dance. And unlike so many other teens around the world, Leena’s family can’t even afford to put enough food on the table, let alone pay for expensive medical treatments.

Leena comes from a hard-working family in a small village in Bangladesh. Her parents dreamed of education and a better life for their children, but her father’s income as a hairdresser wasn’t enough to make those dreams come true. Despite their best efforts, school was a luxury the family couldn’t afford.

However, things began to change for Leena when NCM established a Child Development Center (CDC) in a nearby village. Now, thanks to the help of a child sponsor, Leena gets to go to the CDC, where she excels in her studies, reads the Bible, and receives nutritious meals. Because of her disability, it’s not easy for Lipi to get to school, but she perseveres because she has also begun to dream of a better future for herself.

As Leena has experienced God’s love in her life, Leena’s parents say they have noticed a change in her. Now they see how Leena lovingly cares for her siblings and shows kindness to others. Her father also says she has become more respectful of her parents.

Photo Courtesy NCM

Leena’s mother shares, “I was very worried about my daughter. … Now I am very happy that she is a sponsored child at the CDC."

The staff at the CDC shares, “She is good at her studies and is doing well in her examinations.”

Not only is Leena excelling at school, but she also has a new outlook on life. “Although I am a person with a disability,” she says, “I give thanks to almighty God for my parents, friends, and life."

With a smile, she explains her new dream: “In the future, I want to be a teacher, and I want to serve poor people.”

*Children’s names are changed to protect their safety.


Leena’s life has been transformed through the generosity of a child sponsor. To learn more about NCM’s Child Sponsorship program, visit ncm.org/cs.