Live Justly


We all want to change the world, but as pastor Eugene Cho found out, it takes more than just desire. It takes action. In this personal confession he encourages us all (himself included) to discover a practical discipleship that begins with the recognition that changing the world starts with changing yourself. Here is an excerpt from his book Overrated. Tales of a broken world are all around, and it’s easy to be discouraged, but take heart. The gospel is such that God loves the world. Christ came. Christ died. Christ rose … and Christ will return again. What does this mean? God is still speaking to the world. God is still speaking to the church. God is still speaking to His daughters and sons. I believe this with every fiber of my being. God is still speaking, stirring, and calling His people to be a part of what He is doing … here, there, and everywhere.

The questions for us to ponder are twofold: Are we still listening to Him? (Thus, the exhortation for us to “shut up, listen, and pray.”) And, do we have the courage to pray and live this prayer? “Thank You, Lord, for the convictions You speak into our hearts. Now, give us the courage to act upon those convictions.”

Ideas, in and of themselves, don’t change the world. Rather, people who faithfully and tenaciously implement their ideas change the world. Women, men, and children who have the courage to pursue their convictions change the world. That’s you and me. It’s those who respond. For those who are Christians, worship isn’t just ingestion of good news— worship and discipleship begins when we respond to the revelation of God. When we choose to live out our faith. That idea in your head? Pray about it. Reflect on it. Get it out. Talk about it. Test it. Share it. Put flesh to it. Pursue it. Implement it. Ultimately, if we believe God has called us to something, we must go for it.

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