Prayer Request from the Field: Sri Lanka Mudslide

On Wednesday, a mudslide in central Sri Lanka has left a village devastated and over 100 people missing. As many as 1,000 people have now been moved from at-risk areas into two small schools. Local Nazarenes began to respond immediately by providing blankets, clothing, and food to those who have lost their homes or have been displaced. Government officials are now working to move families away from areas that are at high risk for similar disasters. However, this has left many without a place to go. Pastor Sathiyaseelan and his family are just one example of those who are now finding temporary shelter until they can relocate. Please join us as we pray for:

  • all of those affected by the mudslide.
  • those responding to the needs of their neighbors.
  • children, who are especially vulnerable.
  • new affordable and safe housing opportunities.
  • a break from the rain storms.
  • wisdom and compassion for those assisting in the relief and relocation efforts.

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