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The Road Out of Damascus

Lilly, Rafael, and a million other Middle Eastern refugees journeyed and continue to journey to the shores of Europe. Now, Nazarene churches across the region are creating practical, holistic, and compassionate responses to the increasing needs of immigration—and integration. These churches aim to become a bridge of practical grace to both the receiving culture and those seeking refuge. 

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Active Compassion

William had left Venezuela with his wife and daughter, who was pregnant at the time, and they knew their money was not going to last. By selling some of their items, they had had just enough for the multi-day bus fare and food for the journey. They knew they would have a difficult time when they arrived, but even that seemed like a better option than staying; their daughter needed antibiotics, and there weren’t any available. Through the Church of the Nazarene, the family was able to stay in a small shelter. 

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