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A Firsthand Look at Sponsorship

Just as we help those who are in need in our own communities in the United States, we have the opportunity through child sponsorship to help children who do not have that financial support in other countries. The biggest lesson we learned from this trip is that when we sponsor a child through the sponsorship program, not only do we assist that child, but we also help a family provide for their child, through the ministry of their local church.

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Bringing Hope and Healing to Syrian Refugee Children

Syrian refugee children have been exposed to trauma through violent conflict, persecution, and forced displacement, which disrupts the nurturing, consistent environments that children need for healthy and holistic development. The Syrian Transitional Education Program (STEP) is a Nazarene church-run compassionate outreach to Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon which works to meet their educational and emotional needs.

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Joynal's Story

As a rickshaw puller in Bangladesh, Joynal earns a very small income by carrying other people’s children to school. In the…

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