Tea for Water: How one girl is making a global difference


On a hot August day in Kansas, a young girl named Kinsley prepared for the opening of her first shop. Many kids in the US set up lemonade or cookie sales in the summer, but this was no ordinary refreshment stand.

The name? “Toast-Teas”.

The Menu? Various types of tea and toast, of course!

The purpose? Well, we’ll let Kinsley tell you about that herself.


Kinsley is 6 years old. Her mom and dad, Nic and Jenny, say she is outgoing, social, and compassionate. As a family, they have cultivated that compassion by sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Jenny shared that when Kinsley understood the need that their sponsored child lives with, and needs kids around the globe live with, she was moved to make a difference.

One aspect of need they discussed was the difficulty some people have in finding clean water to drink. Kinsley learned that in some parts of the world, children and women walk hours each day to gather water instead of going to school or spending time on other productive activities. 

Her parents say that she was heartbroken by this information. So, all on her own, Kinsley dreamed up the idea to open a shop to raise money for clean water. It took almost a year to pull the plans together, but this past August, “Toast-Teas” opened for a special day of fundraising. 

“We’re just really proud. The compassion she shows toward people is unbelievable,” says Nic. “She has worked so hard!” added Jenny. 

Kinsley with her NCM handouts for her customers

The family invited their friends and other family members, and many neighbors were invited and came to check out the sale. Kinsley handed out material from NCM to all her customers, and collected donations in exchange for tea and toast. Combined with additional funds donated by her church, Kinsley’s shop raised $700 for clean water! She donated the amount raised to NCM for water projects in Mozambique.  

People don’t have clean water. They have to walk a lot of miles a day and it’s not even clean water. So I’m starting a well.
— Kinsley

We asked Nic and Jenny how other parents can also encourage their children to have a heart for compassion. Their answer was to look for the simple things: “Pay for the person behind you in line, sponsor a child as a family, and pay attention to your surroundings. People have needs – how can you meet them?”

We’re grateful for kids like Kinsley who are setting the example and putting their creativity to work to show compassion to others around the world. It can be easy to be caught up in the complexities of daily life as adults, but through Kinsley’s generosity, we are reminded that “a little child shall lead them.”


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries partners with local churches around the world to provide communities with safe water through WASH programs that include water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion. You can learn more and support the same WASH programs in Mozambique and other countries on the continent of Africa by clicking HERE.


The 2018 NCM Christmas Project is centered on providing access to clean water around the globe.

To find ideas for creative fundraising to support the project, click HERE.