This Is God's Amazing Handiwork


Debbie Moussa and her husband love the outdoors. In Hillsboro, Oregon, it’s easy for them to share their appreciation of the nearby ocean, mountains, lakes, rivers, and desert with their two sons, two daughters in law, and three grandchildren. As their family has grown, so has a desire to share a picture of God’s love with the next generation. “We decided to sponsor one child per each of our grandchildren,” Debbie says, “and to involve our grandchildren in the letter writing, sharing with them about children across the world who need to experience Jesus’ love and support. We also decided to sponsor the same gender and approximate age of our own grandchildren so that they could relate to them more easily.”

Child Sponsorship has provided a way for the whole family to pursue compassion together. The family has been sponsoring children for five years. Bijoy, now 15, lives in Bangladesh; 6-year-old Leanne lives in Lebanon; and 6-year-old Luz is from the Dominican Republic. Debbie says sponsorship has been “transformative” for the whole family.

“It has made us more aware of the global needs of many under-served populations, specifically our sponsored children and their families,” she says. “To pray for a child, their family, community, workers in the child development centers, the local churches … then to hear and experience the growth in the child by receiving letters and updates is such an amazing experience.”

Debbie also encourages others to experience sponsorship. “Families on both sides of the sponsorship are impacted by this!” she says. Both the teen group and larger congregation at Hillsboro Church of the Nazarene have committed to sponsoring different children. During Child Sponsorship Sunday last June, various people within their congregation also sponsored 11 new children. “Don't be afraid to participate—get your family and friends involved in this wonderful ministry!” Debbie says. “Why would you not want to be a part of this? It’s God's amazing handiwork!”

Will you advocate for a child in need? Join us on Child Sponsorship Sunday, June 12.