Costa Rica youth group inspires church through Nepal giving


Young people from  Coronado Church of the Nazarene in Costa Rica shared with Nazarenes in Nepal May 3 by praying and sending an offering through Costa Rica Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator Dhariana Balbuena. The youth leaders encouraged them to come ready to give their best offering to brothers and sisters in Nepal. Balbuena, who is also the church’s youth pastor, commented that even though the pre-teens and teens do not have jobs or a steady income, they gave from their savings and from what their parents gave them. They collected such a large offering that it motivated the church to collect a special offering that Sunday.

“The children always teach us, with their generous hearts, that there is always something to give," Balbuena said. "I encourage all churches, adults, and youth groups and other ministries to contribute to this important cause, remembering that we are one family in Christ, the Church of the Nazarene! Our responsibility as the Body of Christ is to help each other and hopefully more people join in the relief efforts. We might not be able to travel to Nepal, but there is always something we can do in our community and local churches, not only through giving but also by praying."