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Right now, 2.1 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water globally, and more than 300,000 children die from diarrheal diseases every year. If survival is the only thing families can think about, there isn’t time to think about the future, much less hope for something different.

You can help make sure children, parents, and individuals have access to clean, safe water.

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Beatrice, a young mother in Mozambique, has six children. They all attend school, which is more than eight miles away from their home. When they get home, they help their mother with household tasks, including gathering water from a borehole well for the family. Until recently, getting water was another six-mile walk. 

“For many years there was no source of water in this community,” Beatrice says. “Because my family is a big family, in the past we used to have three buckets of water that we were using for many people, and it was not sufficient.”

The compassion of people like you made it possible for a new borehole well to be drilled closer to Beatrice and her family last year, bringing a renewed sense of hope.

Now, they always have enough water, and that allows for other dreams. “My dream is that my kids will be able to graduate from high school and graduate from college,” Beatrice says. 

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Helena has lived in Ndavene, a small community in Mozambique, for a long time, and recently she says she has noticed it changing for the better. She and her family, including her children and grandson, used to be sick fairly often. The water they spent so much time carrying wasn’t safe, and waterborne diseases were common. Now, there is a new well within her community itself, and the water that gets pumped up from the ground is clean and fresh. 

“There is a change, because since we received this water source we were taught how to take good care of it, how to use the water, and to keep the water in closed containers,” she says. “ … the diarrhea and these waterborne diseases—cholera—they’re reduced.”  

To Helena, though, the most important part of her life is the love of Christ, which fills her with joy. She points out the connection between Christ, the living water, and the clean water in their community. “The fact that I have Jesus in my life—I will never get thirsty,” she says. “Also, I drink water from this source, and then my health improves because I am drinking clean water. So, I have life.” 

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