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2019 Issue 1

THE CHURCH AS AN AGENT OF WELCOME: Encountering God through the practice of hospitality


  • From Brazil to Armenia, people are leaving their homes. 

  • Teenagers in Virginia find relationships through mentoring.

  • Children living with HIV in Ukraine gain support in a kids’ club.  




CLEAN WATER FOR ALL: How wells and sanitation are changing communities

  • In rural Mozambique, churches are creating community around clean water.

  • A ministry in downtown Kansas City is providing safe spaces for women.

  • Community is gathering around a large organic garden in Argentina. 

  • In Liberia, women are starting their own businesses and finding economic freedom.

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INTO THE RED-LIGHT DISTRICT: Showing hope to women in exploitation.

  • In a red-light district in India, women who are exploited are finding hope.

  • One organization in Canada gives job training and dignity to those living on the streets.

  • Families involved in foster care share their stories and their calling.

  • In Germany, the work of a local church sheds light on God’s presence in brothels.



DISASTER RESPONSE: When tragedies strike, the local church is there before, during, and after.

  • When a string of disasters rocked our world, churches mobilized to care for people in the aftermath.

  • Why a young woman in Ghana started a justice club to make sure girls can stay in school.

  • A former sponsored child shares how sponsorship changed the trajectory of her life.

  • Savings groups are enabling people to turn their dreams into reality for the first time.



SEEKING REFUGE: Stories from refugees caught in crisis and how the church is serving

  • Refugees share their stories of fleeing and finding hope in a series of featured stories.

  • Sponsored children share their favorite recipes so you can bring the world to your kitchen.

  • Families in Odessa, Ukraine, make a new life after being displaced by violence.

  • The church becomes family in a slum in the Philippines, where possibility replaces poverty.

  • People grow a future in Kosova, where one church is alleviating hunger with greenhouses.



BEYOND BELIEF: How a mentoring ministry in Nashville is empowering youth to believe in themselves

  • In an area of Nashville, Tennessee, known for violence and poverty, mentors aim to transform the lives through empowerment.

  • After decades of separation, a pastor is reconnected with the couple who sponsored him.

  • A church in Monrovia, California, is making sure everyone is welcome at the table by providing immigration resources.

  • Villages in rural Sri Lanka finally able to have access to the clean water they’ve needed for years.



Reflecting God’s Love: Clean Water Is Transforming Lives in Sierra Leone

  • Churches in Sierra Leone are giving the gift of safe water, which is the difference between life and death for many

  • In Kroo Bay, a slum in Sierra Leone’s capital, the church is helping prevent the deadly sting of rampant malaria

  • A mobile intervention clinic in Moldova is offering the possibility of new life for women caught in sex trafficking

  • In East Toledo, Ohio, a church is getting outdoors and building relationships in the community

  • Sheep and chickens are providing food and a future for families in rural Armenia



Ministry in the Margins: How Churches Are Living Out Compassion Among the Least of These

  • On Skid Row in Los Angeles, karaoke builds community among people facing addiction and homelessness

  • In an L.A. neighborhood known for gang violence, the Bresee Youth Center empowers students to become leaders

  • Volunteers in Swaziland care for people living with HIV/AIDS

  • A 20-something shares his experience working with children displaced by war

  • Children with special needs find love and acceptance



Faces of Hope: How Churches Are Picturing a Better Tomorrow for Children

  • Special photo issue

  • How the refugee crisis is affecting children—and what churches are doing in response

  • An alternative to despair in an Indianapolis neighborhood

  • Taking vulnerable children off the streets of Madagascar

  • Teaching childlike faith in the Philippines



Relief to Recovery: The Church in Nepal Is There for the Long Haul

  • Images of the devastation after Nepal’s earthquake — and the church’s pursuit of hope

  • Turning dreams into reality for entrepreneurs

  • Holding onto hope in the face of HIV and AIDS

  • How child sponsorship is changing futures



Compassionate Churches Are Changing Communities

  • Photo essay: Investing in the dreams of children in Mozambique

  • How people leaving prison and addiction are finding wholeness

  • What happened when a church said, “Come as you are."

  • Compassion in a community torn apart by war



Hope Rising: Giving Girls a Chance at a Brighter Future

  • Getting an education in India and Sri Lanka

  • Fighting child marriage in Bangladesh

  • Life as a refugee

  • Escaping the terror of human trafficking



Rooting out Hunger: How Churches Are Cultivating Change

  • Widows go from desperation to determination

  • Food, farming, and faith

  • Addressing Hunger in America

  • Sponsorship brings brothers back to God



Freedom for the Captives: Efforts to End Human Trafficking

  • Open doors for survivors of trafficking in Romania

  • Abolition movement at Point Loma Nazarene University

  • Combating gender-based violence in Kenya

  • How Syria’s war affects its children



Youth Issue

  • Youth in Nepal begin ministry to others

  • Caring for Creation in Guatemala

  • Ohio youth grow garden to fight global hunger

  • Providing clean water in war-torn Sri Lanka



Celebrating 30 Years of Child Development Programs

  • Ministry to children with special needs in Ukraine

  • Lebanese congregation sponsors child from Sudan

  • Boys living on the street find happy home

  • Coming together after Oklahoma tornado



  • Flipping the Script for youth in Los Angeles

  • If you give a girl a piglet in Ghana…

  • Young woman with disability works to build clinic in Ghana

  • Refuge for children forced to flee from Syria