A Mobile Clinic Providing Care in Moldova

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Nazarene churches around the world are working to meet the complex needs of victims of trafficking.

In Moldova, Nazarene volunteers reach out with compassion to victims of human trafficking through a multi-faceted ministry that features a Mobile Intervention Clinic. Volunteers make connections with women in need through weekly trips to areas where prostitution occurs, as well as calling victims through online ads. When a connection is made, an invitation is extended for a woman to take advantage of free medical services offered in the mobile clinic, including rapid HIV/AIDS tests. 


The team is also trained to refer to other services when needed, including shelters and professional education courses taught by partner organizations. Women are invited to the local Nazarene church to receive free clothing, crisis care kits, and school supply kits for their children.


Over time, as volunteers have been seen in the area and have become more trusted by the community, more women are taking advantage of these services and sharing with the volunteers. Women are asking for prayer and spiritual support, and several have started attending church services. Some recently asked for Bibles of their own.

The church in Moldova is committed to serving these women with care and compassionate support, offering them real opportunities to choose a different future for themselves, and showing them they are highly valued and loved by Jesus and his church. 

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This Freedom Sunday, give to the Freedom Offering to support the Mobile Intervention Clinic in Moldova.